HTD Pulley for fuel pumps

HTD Pulley for Fuel Pumps

HTD Pulley for Fuel Pumps

Introduction to HTD Pulleys

HTD (High Torque Drive) pulleys are a specialized type of pulley system designed to deliver high torque and precise motion control. These pulleys are highly efficient and widely used in various industrial applications, including fuel pumps.

What is an HTD Pulley?

HTD pulley

An HTD pulley is a mechanical device used in synchronous drive systems. It features a unique tooth profile that ensures precise engagement with HTD belts, minimizing slippage and enhancing torque transmission.

Tooth Profile

The HTD pulley’s teeth are designed in a curvilinear shape, which provides a more positive engagement with the belt’s teeth, leading to efficient power transmission.

Material Composition

Typically made from durable materials such as aluminum or steel, HTD pulleys are built to withstand high stress and operational loads.


These pulleys find their application in automotive engines, CNC machinery, and other high-torque demanding environments.


One of the key advantages of HTD pulleys is their ability to maintain synchronous drive without the risk of belt slippage, ensuring consistent performance.

What is the Minimum Pulley Size for HTD 5M?

HTD pulley

The 5M designation refers to a specific HTD belt profile with a 5mm pitch. Determining the minimum pulley size for an HTD 5M belt involves considering several factors.

Number of Teeth

The minimum number of teeth for an HTD 5M pulley is typically around 12. This ensures that the belt wraps sufficiently around the pulley, providing adequate grip and reducing the risk of slippage.


The pitch diameter for a 12-tooth HTD 5M pulley is approximately 19.1mm. This dimension is critical for ensuring compatibility with the belt and preventing premature wear.

Load Capacity

Smaller pulleys have limited load capacity. It is essential to evaluate the operational load requirements to select an appropriate pulley size that can handle the stress without deformation.

Speed Considerations

Higher rotational speeds require larger pulleys to maintain belt integrity and prevent excessive wear. Selecting a minimum size must account for the operational speed of the fuel pump.

What is the Difference Between GT and HTD Belts?

Although GT (Gates Tooth) and HTD belts appear similar, they exhibit significant differences that affect their application and performance.

Tooth Profile

GT belts feature a modified curvilinear tooth profile that offers smoother engagement with pulleys, resulting in reduced vibration and noise compared to HTD belts.

Load Distribution

The GT belt’s design allows for better load distribution across the belt’s width, enhancing durability and reducing the likelihood of tooth shear under high torque conditions.


GT belts are engineered for applications requiring higher precision and quieter operation, making them ideal for sensitive machinery where noise reduction is a priority.


While HTD and GT belts may fit the same pulleys, the performance characteristics differ. Selecting the appropriate belt requires understanding the specific operational demands of the system.

How to Select or Customize the Right HTD Pulley

HTD pulley

Choosing the right HTD pulley involves several critical considerations to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with the intended application.

Load Requirements

Assess the operational load demands to select a pulley that can handle the stress without compromising performance. Consider both static and dynamic loads in your evaluation.

Material Selection

Pulleys made from high-strength materials like aluminum or steel offer durability and resistance to wear, making them suitable for high-torque applications.

Pitch and Tooth Profile

Ensure the pulley’s pitch and tooth profile match the HTD belt specifications. This alignment is crucial for maintaining synchronous drive and preventing belt slippage.

Operating Environment

Consider environmental factors such as temperature, moisture, and potential chemical exposure. Select materials and coatings that can withstand these conditions.

Customization Options

For specialized applications, custom pulleys can be designed to meet specific requirements. Work with manufacturers who offer customization services to achieve the desired performance.

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