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Szp Group HTD pulleys are manufactured to close tolerances to ensure concentric operation and feature precision generated gear teeth to match the high power and speed capabilities of HTD drive belts. Pulleys are manufactured using only high quality materials; 3M and larger 5M pulleys are aluminum to maintain low weight and inertia; all other pulleys are machined from medium carbon steel bar or cast iron and are coated with zinc phosphate to prevent corrosion. Pulleys for 5M, 8M and 14M drives are available with parallel pilot holes for rework according to customer requirements, drilling for shaft clamping elements.

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Szp Group is a company that provides high quality ring gear replacement parts and complete supply chain services for homes, factories and other services.

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Standard pulleys are available in a wide range of tooth widths to fit all standard HTD belts. Pulleys for 5M, 8M and 14M drives are available with parallel pilot holes for rework to customer requirements, drilled holes for shaft clamping elements, or with stock tapered bushings for complete off-the-shelf drives Cone hole.

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